Michael E. Fayed Financial Planning

Retirement Cash Flow Planning

Never stop dreaming.

As retirement approaches, everyone faces the same questions:

  • How long will my nest egg last?
  • How can I make the most of my savings?
  • Do I have enough to support the retirement I’ve always dreamed of?

However, the answers to these questions are different for everyone.

Your goals, your lifestyle, your assets: all of these factors must be taken into consideration in managing your cash flow during your retirement years.

With his background as both a CPA and Certified Financial Planner™, Michael E. Fayed has over a decade of experience helping clients enjoy a fulfilling retirement lifestyle free from the burdens of debt and financial uncertainty.

Together, you’ll develop a plan to put the assets you have – including Social Security, pension income, IRAs and other investments – to work generating a rising stream of income that will sustain you throughout your journey into retirement, ensuring that your needs will be met both in the present and well into the future.